Like everything I try to do with the Hairy Vegan website, it's about keeping things as simple as possible and that includes how I work advertising.

Hairy Vegan essentially has 3 banner advertising slots, the top of every the page, near the bottom of every page and in the side column to the right of every page. The adverts at the top and bottom also get shown on individual news pages between news articles and on article pages before and after the article.

The banner sizes are also relatively simple:

  • 728x90
  • 468x90
  • 234x60
  • 300x250

Which banner that shows, will depend on what size device the site is being viewed through. For example on a PC with full screen of say 1280x800 it would show 728x90 banners, on a tablet, it would show 468x60 and on a mobile phone it would show 234x60. the 300x250 is for the side panel, on smaller screens, this would change to 234x60.

Hairy Vegan does not implement geographical targeting on the adverts.

Each advert position has 20 slots available, once they are full, no more banners would be added until such time as a banner has expired. Currently I am running at around 6 banners per slot.

Only vegan related campaigns would be accepted.

All income made from the Hairy Vegan website will be used to cover costs and eventually to help my chosen Hairy Vegan related animal charity.

The Price

The package is also very simple:

1 banner in each of the slots ( 4 banners in total ) 1 x 728x90 - 1 x 428x60 - 1 x 234x60 - 1 x 300x250 which would cover all of the advert positions on the website for a period of 1 year as a one off fee.

Price £500 , which would come with 4 changes to the banner set during the course of the 12 month period, to cover seasonal changes to products, new content, etc. Additional changes to the banner set during this period would be available for £100 per extra change. Once you have taken out the package, the £500 would not change for any subsequent year you decided to continue with your advertising, regardless of whether the price increased for new packages.

All banners would need to be provided in advance of payment, together with the destination URL, to ensure quality and subject relevance.

The package would not be restricted to x amount of impressions or clicks. Hairy Vegan success would mean your banners also get plenty of coverage.

Payment upon successful review of your banners and links would be made through Paypal, although no Paypal account would be needed.

If you have any questions or would like to start advertising on Hairy Vegan, please contact us here: CONTACT PAGE