Hairy Vegan is just one person, me, Tom Martin ( see me on Facebook ) and this website reflects my passion for veganism, animals, the plight of our planet and of course food.

My aim is to provide a positive experience for those of you who are already vegan and for those of you looking to become vegan and all those inbetween, sharing vegan, animal and eco related news, articles, guides, reviews, recipes and more.

So a little about me. As a child I was always big into nature and animals and loved spending my time in the local park watching birds and squirrels, which at times was difficult living in a fairly urban area. As I grew into my teenage years, alas, life took over and I moved onto other past times, such as computing and so my love of nature became somewhat put on the back burner. Once I left school and went to college to become trained and qualified as a chef and worked as a chef for a good number of years, firstly in the RAF, then in the highlands of Scotland and then onto my biggest adventure, which was a 3 year adventure working as a chef in a lovely highclass regional restaurant in the mountains in Switzerland. Once I returned to the UK, I found i'd lost my passion for cooking, so I swapped between a number of different jobs, mortgage adviser, computer tech support, car insurance, but my passion for coding didn't leave me, so I decided to go it alone and work as a web devloper and designer which eventually led me to building my own websites.

Anyway, along the way, I found my life partner and soul mate Robyn who I have been together with for 20+ years now, a couple of lovely dogs ( sadly no longer with us having lived long, full and happy lives ) and a reunion with my passion for nature and the planet and with this I started to feel uncomfortable with all I was seeing, the planet being destroyed, animal abuse, animal extinctions and so I started doing a little research into animal cruelty, it was while looking at a page showing the cruelty to dolphins that a vegan saw one of my posts and asked if I was vegan, heck i'd never thought about being vegetarian, never mind vegan, nobody had ever raised it with me, so it hadn't crossed my mind. I said no and within a few seconds, she had posted a link to Earthlings, unaware of the impact that video has, I immediately sat and watched it... Several minutes later and floods of tears, that was me, literally converted to veganism on the spot. Of course, I couldn't do this alone, so I put the question to my partner Robyn abouthow she would feel going vegan and she was up for it ( helped by me being the one who does all the cooking ). Over the course of the next couple of days, I researched everything I could about being vegan, cleared out my cupboards, fridge and freezer of all non vegan products ( they all went off to a local mission group to help the needy ) and so vegan life began for me and Robyn.

It's been 6+ years since that day and like many vegans, I consider it the best decision I ever made, the weight lifted off my shoulders has been immense.

I created my Hairy Vegan personna back in 2015, as a way of spreading positive vegan news, initially through the Hairy Vegan Facebook page and then in a little group I made for gentle vegans who don't want to see so much graphic animal cruelty. I then expanded and built the Hairy Vegan website, which has changed quite a bit in the last couple of years, having had a couple of facelifts and a couple of rethnks about how I could best use my life experience. It is only in January 2019 that I finally found what I wanted the website to be, which is what you now see before you.

My aim now is to use this website and my social media pages to create awareness about animal rights, the environment, ethical consuerism and the plant-based lifestyle, but with a big focus on the positives. While the website is still new at the time of writing this, in time, there will be an endless resource of information, articles, news and recipes and much more for visitors to enjoy, so for now, sit back and simply enjoy the journey.

Kindest Regard

Tom Martin ( Hairy Vegan )